Winston – Canton Fair trip

In April 15th, in 2017, the 121st China Import and Export Commodities Fair (The China Import and Export Fair), namely the Guangzhou fair, is called the Canton Fair for short, and the English name is Canton fair. Founded in 1957.
In spring, the two season of spring and autumn is held in Guangzhou every year. It is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Guangdong Provincial People’s government, and is hosted by China Foreign Trade Center.
The Canton Fair has been developing for 61 years, and has strengthened the trade between China and the world. At the 121st session of the Canton Fair, the cumulative export turnover of about $12635, the cumulative number of overseas buyers about 8 million 30 thousand passengers. At present, every The Canton Fair has an exhibition scale of 1 million 180 thousand square meters, with nearly 2.5 exhibitors inside and outside the country, and about 200 thousand overseas buyers from more than 210 countries and regions.

The high frequency switching power supply is the trend of its development. High frequency makes switching power supply miniaturized and makes switching power supply enter a wider application area. With the growth rate of over two digits every year, it will develop towards light, small, thin, low noise, high reliability and anti-interference. So WINSTON takes the latest product to participate in this exhibition.
In order to participate in the exhibition, Winston has made full preparation in all aspects, especially a small wiring board to show the advantages of the switching
power supply to customers and to better explore the performance of the switching power supply with many customers.
And it resonates with many customers. Excellent show and discussion, highlight the good effect of Winston switching power supply, attract visitors to meet the
Winston booth, through the introduction of exhibitors to the visitors.
The support and services of Winston are very clear, so that a large number of customers have expressed a strong intention to cooperate, and many customers have done a deal on the spot, and a customer signed 1,000 contracts on the spot.

Through this exhibition, let the masses of visitors deepen the understanding of Winston switching power supply. The Canton Fair is not in vain for this trip.